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Maven Mutual - Digital Money for Business

Maven Mutual has designed a group of systemic interventions and financial products that, when activated, will deepen financial inclusion, reduce poverty, enhance food, and pave the way for a stronger economy. Maven Mutual will run all of its banking operations using the distributed ledger technology developed and managed by FORUS, utilising stablecoin tokens to process transactions.

The FORUS solution builds trust and leverages secure fintech tools and capital markets into a well-regulated, transparent system, which mitigates traditional risk throughout.

This key innovation enables all of the economic interventions to operate securely at scale. The stablecoin for South Africa is the ZarX. One ZarX is equal to one Rand. The value is tethered to the Rand. This token is managed and distributed through the FORUS Digital platform clearing house for digital assets.


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On the blockchain through distributed ledger technology

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Production lending for SMME’s at 0% interest.

Enterprise Solutions

FORUS has designed a DeFi bond instrument managed by the African Wealth Fund. The bond instrument raises funds in the form of debt and uses this to securitise ZarX that is invested into various enterprise solutions through the platform. 

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Maven Mutual is for Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs

Aside from money, emerging entrepreneurs and SMMEs need training and ongoing mentorship. In order to ensure that the best collective ‘brains’ can collaborate to create a cooperative platform, the AFW created the Maven Network.

The word maven means “one who understands.” But to be a maven you have to more than just understand a topic, you have to know its ins and outs. Mavens are the people that you turn to as experts in a field.

Sectors / Industry Focus

MahalaX and the African Wealth Fund are investing in businesses operating in the fintech,  agri-tech, education, rent to buy accommodation, student housing, transport, entertainment and tourism sectors. All Funds Invested will be done so on the FORUS Digital Platform.

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