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This is an invitation for you to consider investing your equity and intellectual capital in the FORUS Digital Exchange.

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This is a limited offer.

Only select individuals considered.
Limited space available globally.

To the Industrialists of the 4th Revolution.

A decade of development has translated into 100 million customers ready to trade in our global marketplace. FORUS invites investors, entrepreneurs and fintech professionals such as yourself with an appetite for exploration, leadership and new business development, to participate in seeding the platform. Join 2500 select global investors as part of the Maven Cooperative Investment Network by bringing 1000 USD, expertise and new business opportunities to our decentralised financial ecosystem.

Listen and Learn

Our CEO Sonny had the privilege of being interviewed by Ciaran Ryan of Moneyweb. The interview is a great representation of our position to date and how we intend to tackle some upcoming challenges.

And so... What now?

FORUS Global Digital Exchange is poised in the market to become Africa’s next Unicorn. The FORUS Digital Exchange launched on the 1st of February 2021 and listed it’s equity-based FDX token and the FORUS platform token, the MahalaX.  The MahalaX value increased from $0.50 in March 2018 to $100 in Q4 2020. The FDX is set to increase as customers onboard.

Simultaneous to scoping for groundfloor equity investors, we are also inviting heavyweight fintech, banking and financial sector talent to contribute to the operationalisation of the FORUS Digital Exchange ecosystem.

The Opportunities
So what's the difference?
Early Investment Rate
What is MahalaX?

The FORUS Digital Platform Token Currently $100.00 US

What is FDX?

The Digital Exchange Equity Token Currently $1.00 US

Maven Investors

2369/2500 Available Opportunities
$1000.00 or more


Equity Investment by 120 Mavens to date has funded the development of FORUS Digital and the Public Utility Blockchain which brings us to where we are now.

The Future is Now.

FORUS Digital has established global partnerships with organisations representing over 100 million users. Now that FORUS has a free banking and investment platform where we can raise money, we get to turn on all the tools to start generating liquidity, and distributing capital. 
We are ready to scale our Maven Co-operative Investment Network to a full 2500 investors.

Why now?

Early Maven investors naturally reap the highest returns. By opting in early, Mavens  benefit from growth in MahalaX as the FORUS platform expands.

Invest in Digital

Once invested you will receive instructions to download your FORUS wallet, your tokens will be sent to you directly.

FORUS and The Maven Network in the Media


Forus calls on smart capital to deliver on Sona economic plan

Forus listed the ​FDX token on the Forus Digital Exchange on February 1 2021, and is inviting investment

22 Feb 2021  07:29


FORUS: Africa’s quiet unicorn

Alongside The FORUS Platform Token, The MahalaX. FORUS Digital Are Now Raising $100m Through The Listing Of FDX Tokens On The Exchange.

28 Feb 2021  08:14


WATCH: Forus Launches Digital Asset Exchange

Forus CEO Sonny Fisher Talks To Business Day TV About The Company’s New Digital Asset Exchange

2 Feb 2021  08:27


New digital exchange built on the blockchain to challenge the JSE

But with a difference – even spaza shops will be able to raise capital, explains Forus Exchange founder Sonny Fisher.

4 Feb 2021  10:00

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