FORUS Digital Investments

FORUS have created a digital asset exchange for trading forex, equities and debt instruments. Investment into the various instruments and funds are tokenized, and the investors hold their digital assets in their FORUS wallets.

The funds raised are invested into underlying projects through the FORUS platform which enables full traceability and oversight. Returns are distributed in real-time to investors holding the assets.

Prudential Capital Guaranteed Fund

Funds of $30M to invest in prudential requirements of the first five country instances of the FORUS Digital Public Utility Banking platform.

  • Risk Profile: Low.
  • Coupon 10%
  • Capital Guaranteed 
  • Investment incentive: 100 % MahalaX

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Multi Sector Working Capital & Debt Consolidations

Funds raised to invest in productive enterprise using a revenue based finance model. The fund will invest in a wide range of sectors.

  • Risk Profile: Medium.
  • Coupon 20% 
  • Capital Guaranteed 
  • Investment incentive: 100 % MahalaX 

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FORUS Digital Exchange - Equity

FORUS Digital Exchange is the operational exchange and is preparing to roll out the FORUS public utility banking platform in Q1 of 2021.

  • Risk Profile: Med. Funds will be used to run the operations of the FORUS Digital Exchange.
  • Forecast annual revenue of $180M
  • Investment incentive: 100 % MahalaX 

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MahalaX - Equity

MahalaX is the equity token of the FORUS group of companies, and is managed by the African Wealth Fund. 

  • Risk Profile: High
  • Valuation $170 based on 5 yr discounted cash flow & wacc 10%
  • Earns 20% of Platform revenue.
  • High Growth based on users and growth in carried interest
  • Investment incentive: discounted price pre 1.2.21 $80

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